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Ashton-Drake - Reborn Babies - Free US Shipping

Ashton-Drake Dolls include a collection of realistic, life-like  dolls, sometimes referred to as re-borns because of their resemblence to real babies.  They are made of a So Truly Real vinyl,  which feels like baby skin.  Their collection of life-like dolls are of collector quality and have provided countless pleasure for over 30 years.



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Lil Sprout by Violet Parker - FREE USA SHIPPING

Lil Sprout Baby Doll IS a Collector's Edition doll. This So Truly Real® collectible by Master Doll Artist Violet Parker is just waiting to be held in your loving arms.

Mommy's Boy

This treasure is yours to enjoy with the Mommy's Boy Baby Doll by Master Doll Artist Ping Lau.

Paris - New Baby Photo Winner

With her big brown eyes and adorable button nose, it\'s no surprise that Paris was selected as the winner of Ashton-Drake\'s 8th annual Such a Doll!® Baby Photo Contest.

Puppy Over The Moon

IN STOCK, NEXT DAY SHIPPING - Introducing the Puppy Over the Moon Baby Doll, a So Truly Real® vinyl baby doll by Master Doll Artist Maya Garza. This sleeping baby boy doll is a true masterpiece of doll artistry sure to be cherished for years to come.

Amara by Linda Murray

Introducing the Amara Baby Doll, a So Truly Real® doll by Master Doll Artist Linda Murray,. This poseable, lifelike baby doll loves nestling deep into your arms as she softly drifts off to dreamland.

Little Buddy

Our lifelike baby doll is so cute that you won't be able to "bear" it.


Created by master doll artist Ping Lau, this Downs Syndrome baby doll is adorable.

Blessing From The Start

Introducing Blessing from the Start Baby Doll, a So Truly Real® doll. Sculpted by renowned Master Doll Artist, Linda Murrary, and handcrafted of RealTouch® vinyl to recreate every original detail, this angel is simply one-of-a-kind.

Cody - One of a Kind

The One-Of-A-Kind Cody Baby Doll is a premium So Truly Real® baby doll created by Master Doll Artist Ping Lau! Cody arrives with his own magnetic pacifier to keep him happy and content.

One of a Kind Ciara

Beautifully handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl and realistically hand-painted, every inch of Ciara is irresistible, she is another masterpiece by Ping Lau.


Meet Jada And Jayden Baby Doll Set, two breathtaking Collectors Edition dolls by multiple award-winning Master Doll Artist Waltraud Hanl!These amazingly lifelike baby dolls bringing you twice the love, all cuddled up on one irresistible bundle!

Flora - African American - FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING

Rosie Baby Doll is handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl-silicone head, arms, and legs, with a weighted, poseable cloth body, and hand-rooted hair.

Just Too Cute Jackson - Cloth Body

This lifelike baby doll is handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl and realistically hand-painted, from the creases on his tiny wrists, fingers and toes, to his adorable expression

Cooing Chloe - Soft Silicone - Cloth Body FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPIING

Never before has a touch-activated doll that "breathes" and coos by Ms. Murray been offered in TrueTouch® authentic silicone, which is as velvety soft and flexible as a real baby's skin

Katherine - Cloth body

New in 2019 by Master Doll Artist P Lau Katherine is handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl and realistically hand-painted.

Ava Elise - Cloth Body - FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING

IN STOCK - FREE SHIPPING APPLIES TO USA SHIPPING ONLY Winner of the "Such A Doll Cutest Baby of the Year " Contest , this 17 inch baby created by artist Ping Lau is sure to win the hearts of all who see her..

Worth The Wait - Cloth Body

The best things in life are worth waiting for, and this little girl is certainly proof of that!

Lovely Gabrielle - Pure Silicone with Cloth Body

Meet our Little and Lovely Gabrielle Baby Doll by Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill, a Collector's Edition exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. This African-American lifelike baby doll is beautifully handcrafted of velvety smooth TrueTouch™ silicone for natural movement and flexibility.

Presley -Pure Silicone with Cloth Body

Meet Pretty and Petite Presley Baby Doll, created by Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill, a multiple DOTY™ (Doll of the Year™) Award winner. Actual photos of Presley are also attached.
$225.00 $250.00

Megan Rose - Cloth Body

This beautiful 18 inch baby doll is sure to steal your heart and bring you joy.

Rub A Dub - Layla - In Stock, Free Next Day Shipping

This sweet Layla baby doll features hand-rooted hair and RealTouch® vinyl skin that you can actually wash and it feels so real against your own.
$170.00 $180.00

Katie - Cloth Body

Fill your arms with a bundle of love with this interactive baby doll that breathes, coos, and has a heartbeat!


FREE SHIPPING TO USA ADDRESSES ONLY Cuddly Coo is an adorable Ashton-Drake So Truly Real baby doll who coos when cuddled.

Rub A Dub - Can Shower With -Free Next Day Shipping

In Stock and washable Rub-A-Dub is the first Ashton-Drake doll with RealTouch vinyl skin that is washable.