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Madame Alexander

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Africa is in native dress with lots of bracelets and gold trim, introduced in 2009 she's now retired.

Alice In Wonderland - Red Dress

A unique twist on a classic, the same beautiful Alice, wearing a red dress instead of her classic blue dress, new in 2013, order soon, they will be going quickly..

Alice's Mad Adventure -Alice in Wonderland

This is an 8 inch fully articulated Wendy doll with a specialty box..

Angel Love, Dk Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

This 19 inch baby is surprising lifelilke

Arlene Doll

New in 2016, this 10-inch Cissette doll comes from the "Mystery Dolls" line, which won an award for the coveted Fashion Academy Gold Medal" .

Babble Baby Munchkin - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Your Babblebaby doesn't talk yet.... but it does have a language of its own!

Baby Cuddles - Baby Alexander

A 14-inch baby doll good for ages 3 and up and comes with it's own personal feeding set.

Balloons For Your Birthday Brunette

This 8 inch Happy Birthday doll has an Asian sculpt.

Beautiful Asian Baby - Black Hair, Brown Eyes

This 19 inch baby is surprising lifelilke

Beauty and The Beast - "Belle"

From the Disney classic, "Beauty and the Beast" Belle is 18 inches and is good for ages 3 and up.