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Adora 20 Inch Dolls - 51cm

Known as Toddler Time dolls, they are representative of small children, known as Toddlers.  Manufactured by Adora, each doll is unique with its own outfit, hair and eye color.  Every year Adora introduces new dolls.  Toddler Time Dolls are only available for a limited time, it is best to buy the doll when you see it so you aren't disappointed when its gone.

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Froggy Fun Girl - Red Hair Blue Eyes

Froggy Fun Girl is a 20 inch toddler made by Adora Dolls. She has red hair, green eyes and a frog-themed outfit.

Workout Chic - Brown Hair Brown Eyes

From the 2011 Fall Collection of Adora Dolls, this little cutie is dressed for a serious work-out!

Happy Birthday Baby - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Dressed in a white eyelet dress with a cupcake appliqued on her front, this 20 inch beauty will steal your heart.

Pin-A-Four Seasons-One Doll, 4 Outfits -Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

This 20 inch toddler by Adora comes dress in a white cotton dress and has 4 pinafores, each one representative of a season.

Woof - Dk Red Hair, Blue Eyes

Woof is a dark red hair, blue eyed Adora doll and is dressed in a blue sleeper with a puppy bibb.

Daisy Delight - Dk Red hair, Blue Eyes

Daisy Delight has auburn-red hair tied up in red and white polka-dot bows and is an Adora Toddler Time doll.
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