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Ashton-Drake - Reborn Babies - Free US Shipping

Ashton-Drake Dolls include a collection of realistic, life-like  dolls, sometimes referred to as re-borns because of their resemblence to real babies.  They are made of a So Truly Real vinyl,  which feels like baby skin.  Their collection of life-like dolls are of collector quality and have provided countless pleasure for over 30 years.



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Perfect Little Princess - FREE SHIPPING

With one wave of a wand, the tattered dress worn by Disney's Cinderella became a luxurious sparkling ballgown. Now, that magical moment has inspired Master Doll Artist Linda Murray's newest masterpiece... the Disney Perfect Little Princess Baby Doll, a Collector's Edition lifelike baby doll from Ashton-Drake!

Cooing Presley - Free Shipping and In Stock

Gently stroke her cheek with your finger and she will coo.

Oliver - Free Shipping - In Stock - Breathes, Coos, Heartbeat

This little touch activated boy breathes, coos and has a heartbeat.

Aiden & Plush Dog - Free Next Day Shipping - In Stock

Aiden is happiest when snuggling his plush friend. He's 17 inches long by Award-winning Sherry Rawn, and will bring you hours of contentment and joy. Shipping is free to any USA destination.


This poseable baby doll has RealTouch® vinyl skin, a weighted body, hand-rooted hair, a baby powder scent. a Custom llama-design outfit, and a magnetic pacifier.

Ethan Free Shipping Next Day

Ethan Baby Doll is handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl head, arms, and legs, with a weighted, poseable cloth body, and hand-rooted hair.
$180.00 $153.00

Little Saylor

With sun-kissed cheeks and bright blue eyes, let this little ray of sunshine sail straight into your heart!

Cody - One of a Kind

The One-Of-A-Kind Cody Baby Doll is a premium So Truly Real® baby doll created by Master Doll Artist Ping Lau! Cody arrives with his own magnetic pacifier to keep him happy and content.

OLIVIA - Silicone - FREE Next Day Domestic Shipping

She's All Dolled Up by Linda Murray with authentic silicone. This baby doll is weighted for realism with lifelike, hand-painted features and hand-rooted, baby-soft hair! Measures approximately 19" L


This lifelike baby doll is superbly handcrafted with authentic silicone to create velvety soft skin, and his cloth body is naturally weighted to feel just like a real baby.

Flora - African American - FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING

Rosie Baby Doll is handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl-silicone head, arms, and legs, with a weighted, poseable cloth body, and hand-rooted hair.
$180.00 $153.00


FREE SHIPPING TO USA ADDRESSES ONLY With her big brown eyes and irresistible smile, a sweet baby girl named Norah was voted as the winner of The Ashton-Drake Galleries' sixth annual Such A Doll!® Baby Photo Contest. Now, that winning smile inspires the Norah Baby Doll, a premium-quality collector doll.
$180.00 $153.00

Just Too Cute Jackson - Cloth Body

This lifelike baby doll is handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl and realistically hand-painted, from the creases on his tiny wrists, fingers and toes, to his adorable expression

Cooing Chloe - Soft Silicone - Cloth Body FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPIING

FREE SHIPPING TO USA ADDRESSES ONLY Never before has a touch-activated doll that "breathes" and coos by Ms. Murray been offered in TrueTouch® authentic silicone, which is as velvety soft and flexible as a real baby's skin

One of a Kind Katherine - Cloth body

New in 2019 by Master Doll Artist P Lau, One of a Kind Katherine is handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl and realistically hand-painted.

Ava Elise - Cloth Body - FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING

IN STOCK - FREE SHIPPING APPLIES TO USA SHIPPING ONLY Winner of the "Such A Doll Cutest Baby of the Year " Contest , this 17 inch baby created by artist Ping Lau is sure to win the hearts of all who see her..
$160.00 $136.00


IN STOCK, NEXT DAY SHIPPING. She is handcrafted of soft, supple silicone with a weighted cloth body to look and feel like a real baby, by Master Doll Artist Linda Murray.

So Truly Mine Baby - Medium Skin, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes - Cloth Body

Introducing the most lifelike play doll in the world: the So Truly Mine® Baby Doll by Master Doll Artist Linda Murray. With it's lifelike features and perfect size, this silicone baby is created specifically with the younger doll enthusiasts in mind.

Isabella's First Steps - Cloth Body

Fall in love with this adorable creation from Master Doll Artist Linda Murray, and a new So Truly Real® touch-activated doll who takes her very first baby steps when you hold her little hands and walk with her!

Hope and Faith - Cloth Bodies - FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING

Every day is sure to be doubly delightful with these breathtaking twin baby dolls wrapped in their custom bunting.
$210.00 $178.50

Presley -Pure Silicone with Cloth Body

Meet Pretty and Petite Presley Baby Doll, created by Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill, a multiple DOTY™ (Doll of the Year™) Award winner. Actual photos of Presley are also attached.
$225.00 $191.25

Lauren & Teddy - Cloth Body

The loving bond between a little girl and her teddy bear is beautifully captured in the Lauren & Teddy baby doll, created by Master Artist Ping Lau.
$180.00 $153.00

Sweet Baby Girl -Full Body Vinyl - IN Stock

Free Next Day Shipping! A So Truly Real Vinyl baby by artist P Lau
$180.00 $153.00

Sweet Baby Boy - In Stock - Next Day Shipping

A So Truly Real all-Vinyl baby by artist P Lau
$180.00 $153.00

Sweet Dreams Serenity - Cloth Body

Remarkably lifelike , she is poseable and perfectly weighted to feel like you're cradling an actual baby in your arms . Watch her tiny chest rise and fall as she "Sleeps" in your arms.

Rub A Dub - Layla - In Stock, Free Next Day Shipping

This sweet Layla baby doll features hand-rooted hair and RealTouch® vinyl skin that you can actually wash and it feels so real against your own.
$170.00 $144.50


From her cute button nose and rosy cheeks, to her tiny fingers and toes, she is every inch a sweetheart!
$180.00 $153.00

Littlest Sweetheart - Cloth Body

This realistic little one will win your heart...
$150.00 $127.50

Sweetly Snuggled Sarah - Cloth Body

Sarah is beautiful in her custom knit sweater set. Her realistic wisps of hair on her little head and baby-soft skin, all add to her realistic real baby look.
$150.00 $127.50

May God Bless You Little Grace -Free Next Day Shipping

God Bless You Little Gracel is a realistic reborn preemie baby doll sculpted in Real Touch silicone vinyl by Tinneke.
$170.00 $144.50

Charlie - can shower with - free next day shipping

Charlie is So Truly Real at 22 inches long, crafted entirely in vinyl and is anatomically correct.
$170.00 $144.50

Rub A Dub - Can Shower With -Free Next Day Shipping

In Stock and washable Rub-A-Dub is the first Ashton-Drake doll with RealTouch vinyl skin that is washable.
$170.00 $144.50