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Emma Grace - Touch Activated "Real Touch Vinyl" -cloth body

Nothing fills your heart quicker than when a little one speaks her first words. Now with this breathtaking doll by Master Doll Artist Ping Lau, you can experience it again and again!
Manufacturer: Ashton-Drake
Manufacturer part number: 0303252001

Babies grow up so fast. It seems like one day you are holding them in your arms for the first time, then, before you know it, they are sitting up on their own. And of course, the best surprise ever follows - when you reach down into the crib to pick them up, their bright eyes open wide, the most adorable smile spreads across their face, and, in a soft, sweet voice, they say their first word - "Mama." A moment like this should be captured to cherish forever, and with this 19-inch, touch-activated doll, you can do just that. Introducing the Emma Grace's First Words Baby Doll by Master Doll Artist Ping Lau, a Collector's Edition available exclusively from Ashton-Drake. At your loving touch, Emma Grace begins to either delightfully "giggle" or tenderly say the word "Mama." Just imagine the warmth that will fill your heart when you hold her close and begin to hear those gentle sounds.

You're sure to beam with delight from the moment you see this beautiful doll's sparkling blue eyes and true-to-life design. Every detail of this lifelike baby doll, from her plump cheeks and smiling lips to the nails on her fingers and toes, is thoughtfully sculpted by Ping Lau for unbelievable realism, then masterfully recreated in our signature RealTouch® vinyl. Her wavy hand-rooted brown hair is naturally soft to the touch, and she features a weighted cloth body perfect for your arms. What's more, she's poseable to cuddle in different ways and even features a light baby powder scent. And then there's her custom-designed, hand-fashioned ensemble! Emma Grace looks perfectly precious in a floral print baby doll shirt accented by a pink ribbon and French lace at the neck. Complementing this top are white pants trimmed with soft pink lace. Lastly, to complete her ensemble, this lovable So Truly Real® doll collectible wears a matching custom print knot headband.