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Newborn Nursery Babies - INCLUDES FREE ADOPTION

Originally made by the Lee Middleton Doll Company, these wonderful baby dolls were available for many years only at the Middleton Nursery in their factory in Ohio.  Around the year 2000, they allowed specialty retailers to carry these baby dolls if they put in a Newborn Nursery.  Judy's Dolls was one of the first stores approved for a nursery and we have honored the tradition ever since. Several years later, the Middleton Doll Company was sold to the Madame Alexander Doll Company who has continued the tradition.

In 2018 we added a line of baby dolls to the Newborn Nursery who are made in Spain for Judy's Dolls.  They are wearing various colors and patterns of sleepers.  Some of them are all soft vinyl and can go in the shower, some have a cloth body.

Because these babies are meant to be carried home in a loving mommy's arms, they do not come in a gift box but rather will come in a shippiing box, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.

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Happy Baby Girl - light Skin, Brown Hair, Green Eyes

This all soft vinyl is an adorable real girl made in Spain. She has Brown Hair, Green Eyes and a light skin tone. She can take a shower with you but putting in a bath is not recommended.

Happy Baby Girl -Medium Skin, Black Hair, Brown Eyes

This all soft vinyl is an adorable real girl made in Spain. She has Black Hair, Brown Eyes and a medium dark skin tone.

Magic Baby - Brown Hair, Blue Eyes

Created for Judy's Dolls, in a custom designed sleeper, this 18 inch baby doll is made to look and feel like a real baby.

Munchkin - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Munchkin is 19 inch baby that is surprising lifelilke

Beautiful Asian Baby - Black Hair, Brown Eyes - SALE

This 19 inch baby is surprising lifelilke