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Mdm. Alexander Collectible Dolls

For almost 100 Years the Madame Alexander Doll Company has created beautiful, collectible dolls.  The design, detail, assortment and pricing of these lovely dolls surpasses all other brands.  Categories including Internationals, Storybook, Special Occasions, and Americana offer the collector a wide variety of choices.  Currently they include 8 inch (20 cm) and 10 inch dolls (26 cm).

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Snow White - 10 inches

Snow White is dressed in her classic gown and is 10 inches tall with bent knees.

Cinderella - 10 inches

At 10 inches tall Cinderella is dazzling in her royal blue gown and blonde upswept hair.

Sleeping Beauty - 10 - Inches

This 10 inch Sleeping Beauty is dazzling in her fuchsia taffeta gown with a sweetheart bodice.

Tinker Bell in Winter Outfit

This 10-inch fully articulated Tinker Bell looks glamorous in her winter ensemble..

Scarlett O'Hara at the Mill

Madame Alexander introduced Scarlett at the Mill, from their Gone With The Wind series as a 10 inch Cissette doll.

Cissette - Pride and prejudice - 10"

NEW IN 2020 This lovely 10” Cissette doll celebrates Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice.

Dorothy In The Poppy Field

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz" what better way to commemorate than with this set...

Alice's Mad Adventure -Alice in Wonderland

This is an 8 inch fully articulated Wendy doll with a specialty box..

Glinda The Good Witch

Shown here is Glinda, a 10-inch bent knee Cissette doll from the 2012 Wizard of Oz series.

"Mermaid Princess - 8 inch Wendy - New in 2019

New in 2019, this 8 inch fully articulated Wendy is part of Madame Alexander's Storybook Collection.

"A Little Fairy Dust" - 8 inch Wendy - New in 2019

New in 2019, this 8 inch fully articulated Wendy is part of Madame Alexander's Storybook Collection.

Unicorn Fairy

NEW IN 2020 This magical 8” collectible doll is ready to charm you with her iridescent white dress.

Hua Mulan

NEW IN 2020 Celebrate the Chinese tale of the woman warrior Hua Mulan with this beautiful doll.

8" ice Queen -In Stock - FREE Domestic Next Day Shipping

NEW IN 2020 A classic Madame Alexander seasonal doll, perfect as a holiday gift.

8" English Princess - In Stock - FREE DOMESTIC NEXT DAY SHIPPING

NEW IN 2020 She is part of Madam Alexander’s International Princess line, allowing collectors to explore the world through doll collecting.

Beauty And The Rose

NEW IN 2020 This stunning Beauty and The Rose 8” Wendy doll evokes a classic tale of romance!

Cottage Christmas

NEW IN 2020 This charming 8” collectible doll brings Christmas cheer to your home all year long!

Polish Ksiezniczka

NEW IN 2020 This lovely 8” collectible doll is a beautiful princess from Poland.

Christmas Cheer

NEW IN 2020 This lovely 8” collectible doll is dressed for a festive holiday fête!

Cabin Christmas

New in 2019, this 8-inch fully-articulated Wendy looks just like a scene from a country Christmas Card.

Twinkling Star Angel

Featuring the classic Wendy sculpt, this 8 inch doll is sure to become a holiday favorite!

Indian Raajakumaaree

This 8 inch Wendy represents India. She has an articulated poseable body. She comes dressed in a beautiful dress with headdress indicative of the style and culture of the county of India.
$131.00 $116.00

Icy Elegance

Fresh out of a winter wonderland scene, Icy Elegance is sure to charm you.
$130.00 $116.00

Darling Devil

This 8 inch Wendy is new in 2020 and part of the Special Occasions Collection.