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Adora PlayTime Baby Dolls - 13" (33 cm)

PlayTime Babies have a fresh powder scent and are a perfect first baby doll, weighing only about 12 oz.  Their clothing is removable, allowing the new mommy to change their clothes. They are machine washable, but can not be dried in a dryer.  You will adore the life-like features from their little button noses . . . to their tiny little hands and feet on these 13" baby dolls! Each handmade doll is created in Adora's  exclusive, lightly baby powder scented, Gentle Touch™ vinyl. Adora Playtime™ babies also have a cuddly silky-smooth body that reminds us of the beloved trim on a child’s favorite baby blankie!

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Playtime Baby "Petal Pink"

Made by Adora, she's 13 inches of cuteness in her spring themed outfit and a "must have" for parents in training!

Playtime Baby Unicorn Glitter

Made by Adora, she's 13 inches of cuteness in her unicorn-themed outfit.

3 Piece Blue Accessory Gift Set

If you are looking for doll accessories for your baby doll this Blue Accessory Gift Set is perfect.

Little Prince

Little Prince is the perfect first baby doll with a fresh baby powder scent and weighing only 12 ounces. He is machine washable.