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Sea Sequins Plush Mermaid - "Lorelei" - 10 inches

New from Ty, this beautiful mermaid from the Sea Sequins Collection is sure to astound lovers of anything aquatic.
Manufacturer part number: 02101

"Purple sequins, purple hair, when people see me they just stare. Am I real or am I fake? I'm a mermaid, goodness sake! " Decked out in shimmery sequins, with a swipe of your hand a mystical magical change appears. Swipe up and she becomes a shimmering purple beauty, swipe down, and she changes to a sheer peal irridescent shine. Her long purple hair is pulled into low pigtails and tied with a shimmery purple bows. "Lorelei" is 10 inches long and perfect for ages 3 and up.