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Be Bright Doll - "Lulu" - Hair Changes Color

New from Adora we share the "Be Bright" Collection of 14-inch baby dolls with hair that changes color in the sun.
Manufacturer: Adora
Manufacturer part number: 21935

"Hi - I'm Lulu! I'm a fast-footed acrobat; I'm always quick to follow my friends with positivity and a smile! Like a bunny, my spirit animal, I try to put a smile on my loved ones faces! I call upon my animal powers to remind my friends to be kind to everyone they meet. It takes more muscles to frown than smile so don't forget to turn that frown upside down! #BeKind"

"Lulu" is 14-inches tall with a medium skin tone and brown eyes. Her long lilac hair has a cream colored streak in it that turns pink in the sun! She is a pink skirt with a maroon top with a bunny applique and glitter detail. Pink hightop shoes complete her outfit. She is perfect for ages 3 and up.