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Adora - Eco Friends Baby Doll Set

This Adora mini doll set comes with 3 mini dolls, including 1 light skin, a blue-eyed baby doll in a pink striped bunny outfit with 1 matching pink wheat straw wagon, 1 medium-skin, a brown-eyed baby doll in a brown striped bear outfit with 1 matching brown wheat straw feeding seat, and 1 African American, brown-eyed baby doll in a purple striped kitty outfit with 1 matching purple wheat straw tricycle.
Manufacturer: Adora
Manufacturer part number: 24024

Prepare to embark on a journey of imagination and boundless play with the Eco-Friends Mini Baby Doll Set. Unwrap a world of joy as you introduce your child to this remarkable Adora doll set, complete with three charming miniature dolls and an array of doll accessories.

At the heart of this enchanting collection lies a trio of distinctive baby dolls, each bursting with its unique personality and style. Embrace the eco-friendly spirit from the outset as you discover the dolls' matching accessories made out of biodegradable wheat straw. These sustainable elements perfectly complement the dolls' enchanting presence, providing not only play value but also a valuable lesson in conscious choices.

Meet the captivating light-skinned, blue-eyed baby doll adorned in an endearing striped, pink bunny ensemble paired harmoniously with a pink wheat straw wagon. Delight in the embrace of the medium-skin, brown-eyed baby doll, beautifully attired in a brown striped bear outfit, complete with a coordinating brown wheat straw feeding seat. The African American, brown-eyed baby doll adds a vibrant touch with a charming purple striped kitty attire and a playful ride atop a purple wheat straw tricycle. Each doll is accompanied by its matching beanie, complete with attached ears and a mini diaper, creating a lifelike, interactive experience that sparks joy in your child's heart.

Explore the intricacies of these dolls as lifelike details come to life, from the hand-painted eyes to the slightly open mouths, perfect for thumb-sucking. Witness your child's imagination flourish as they nurture their caring instincts and cultivate a sense of companionship through play.

But there's more to these dolls than meets the eye: They're crafted with care and sustainability in mind! Their biodegradable wheat straw accessories serve as play companions and valuable teaching tools. Engage your child in a conversation about the importance of eco-conscious choices from an early age, and watch as they carry this awareness into their future endeavors.

These Adora dolls offer more than just playtime; they provide a respite from digital distractions, encouraging nurturing pretend play and hands-on, imaginative experiences. These dolls are safety-tested for kids ages 3+, too, making them the perfect companions, whether it's your child's first introduction to baby dolls or the latest addition to a cherished collection.

Elevate playtime to new heights with the Adora Eco-Friends Baby Doll Trio, Doll Clothes, & Accessories Set – a collection that sparks creativity, fosters sustainability, and invites endless moments of joyous play. 

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