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"A Little Fairy Dust" - 8 inch Wendy - New in 2019

New in 2019, this 8 inch fully articulated Wendy is part of Madame Alexander's Storybook Collection.
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander
Manufacturer part number: 75075

Wendy spends most of her time with Peter Pan floating around Neverland... sprinkling a little fairy dust here and there. Wendy is 8 inches, made of vinyl and fully-articulated with jointing at her neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, and knees. Her rosy cheeks and blue eyes are framed by a blode wig styled in side ponytail of curls. She wears delicate gossamer fairy wings with her yellow costume that glistens in the sunshine. Gold mary jane shoes complete her look. "A Little Fairy Dust" is part of Madame Alexander's Storybook Collection and is perfect for ages 14 and up.