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Woof - Girl - Brown Hair, Blue Eyes - Cuddle Me vinyl

Woof is a brown haired, blue eyed Adora doll and is dressed in a pink sleeper with a puppy bibb.
Manufacturer: Adora
Manufacturer part number: 21972

WOOF WOOF! The perfect companion and friend, ToddlerTime Doll WOOF Girl is ready to play and snuggle…with you! She comes dressed in a pink puppy print onesie with easy snap-on buttons, pink removable bib with a friendly appliqued dog and a matching pink puppy print cap. Her brown hair with bangs compliments her bright blue eyes and will have you falling in love. Adora ToddlerTime Dolls are 20” from head to toe, made of baby powder scented high quality Cuddle Me™ vinyl with movable head, and ¾ vinyl arms and legs. NEW Cuddle Me™ Vinyl is soft, silky, gentle and feels more like a real baby, making these toddlers perfect for play! Every toddler doll has a weighted cloth body and comes complete with a traditional diaper for realistic play to develop social skills while engaging in nurturing, pretend play! Ages 6 and up.

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