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Tramp Teddy Bear

This beautiful bear looks like he was just discovered in an attic..
Manufacturer: Steiff

Looking like he was just discovered in an attic or fresh from an auction, "Tramp" Teddy Bear is one of a kind. It takes a litle bit of magic to make a new Teddy Bear look like an antique, and the designers at Steiff have done just that! They created this special teddy to look like a vintage bear. "Tramp" is sewn from felted antique olive green mohair that was specially milled for a vintage look. He is softly stuffed with a patch sewn onto his paw pad to make him appear pre-loved. "Tramp" is 12.5-inches tall and is five-way jointed. Everything about this beautiful bear says antique-from his airbrushed details to his faded cotton necktie. His elephant style button is also an echo of the past.