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Tom Thumb - Fairy Tail Mice

Created in the form of a mouse and true to his name, Tom Thumb was only the size of his father's thumb. Here, R John Wright has created him in the image of a mouse, completely handmade and limited to only 150 pieces;
Manufacturer: R John Wright

Tom was no bigger than his father's thumb, which is where he gets his name.  Created by hand by R John Wright, Tom Thumb is made of fine mohair plush with realistic shading, resin hands and feet, German glass eyes, inset whiskers, and a leather tail.  Measuring just 3 inches tall, a built-in metal stand provides effortless display.

Tom Thumb comes outfitted in a delightful period costume made of custom made all-wool felt.  On his head Tom sports a jaunty cap which has been artiscally shaded and embossed to appear as if it was constructed from a leaf.  His tunic is gathered at the waist with a leather belt fastenedwith a tiny custom-cast decorative brass buckle.  On his feet Tom wears a tiny pair of peasant shoes.  In one had he hodls his trusty sword handcrafted out of wood.

Tom Thumb was produced in Bennington, Vermont in an edition limited to only 150 pieces worldwide.  Each mouse comes enclosed in a deluxe presentation box with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.