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Steiff - Worldwide Limited

Over 135 years ago Margarete Steiff created her first animal...a felt elephant pin cushion...and the quality and beauty of her products quickly spread.  Today, the Steiff name is recognized as being the best of the best.  This category includes products available worldwide but the edition size is limited.  They are all handmade in Germany, the same as they were made over 100 years ago.

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Carlotta Teddy Bear

Sure to be a favorite with Teddy Bear lovers everywhere, this adorable little bear is going quick..

Disney - Minnie Mouse

She is 9-inches tall and once again, stands by her man...

Disney - Mickey Mouse

The beloved classic mouse is back, as only Steiff can bring it to us..

Musical Christmas Teddy Bear - "Cinnamon"

The Christmas Teddy bear wants nothing more than to give his heart away forever.

Disney - Pluto

Pluto is fun-loving, curious, playful, and has the heart of a puppy. He’s Mickey’s very loyal pet and best pal.

Jakob Teddy Bear

From Steiffs 2011 Winter Collection we introduce you to the first of two brothers, 11 inch tall Jakob, an adorable Mohair Bear with Tummy Squeaker.

Eeyore - Winnie The Pooh

This enchanting Donkey is a Worldwide Limited Edition of only 2,000 pieces

Sommer - 2013 Festival Teddy Bear

This is a limited edition teddy bear that is 10 inches tall...

Leo The Lion

New in 2013, this is a felt lion with a mohair mane and tail

2011 Steiff Club Annual Edition Teddy Bear

Designed specifically for Steiff Club members, this teddy bear was the annual teddy bear for 2011..

Valerie The Rabbit

This petite Rabbit by Steiff is the offspring of Valentin and Velentina.

Piglet - Winnie The Pooh

Pooh's best friend is back and even though he may be small, he has a huge heart!

Finding Dory

After a major role in the hit movie: Finding Nemo, Dory was given the star role in her very own movie entitled Finding Dory.

Finding Nemo - Nemo

This tiny clownfish is the star of the show in the hit movie "Finding Nemo"

Ginny Kitten in Basket

She is 5 inches tall and sure to steal your heart with the twinkle in her impish green eyes..

Goodman The Soldier Ornament

This is a 5 inch teddy bear ornament dressed in a nutcracker soldier's outfit..

Bert 2014 Event Teddy Bear

Limited to the year 2014, this 8 inch teddy bear is made from a high quality silk plush..

Flora - 2013 Steiff Event Bear

This sweet faced little beauty is one of a kind, and sure to steal your heart..

Diva Rabbit

She is made from white alpaca and stands at 4 inches tall..

Alpaca Dove Ornament

Spreading the wings of the Christmas spirit, this...