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Steiff has a history of making quality products dating back over 100 years.  Hand made in Germany, they are some of the finest teddy bears made.

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Classic Teddy Bear - Gray

This is a 10 inch tall teddy made from the finest gray mohair..

Classic Blonde Teddy Bear

He is 14 inches tall and made of the finest mohair..

White Classic Teddy Bear

This White Classic Teddy Bear impresses with its striking snow white mohair..
$575.00 $145.00

Leo Teddy Bear

This classic teddy bear is made from the finest ash blonde mohair..

Matti Teddy Bear

This 10 inch classic teddy bear is perfect for families to share generation after generation.

"Humming Along" Teddy Bear

This is a 12 inch fully jointed North American Exclusive teddy bear..

Winnie The Pooh with Hunny Pot Ornament

Everyone's favorite bear is back, and now he and his hunny pot is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand...
$185.00 $120.00

Llardo Violinist Teddy Bear

New in 2012 this bear is a result of a partnership between Steiff and Lladro, limited edition of 1000 pieces.
$575.00 $330.00

Grizzley Teddy Bear

By Steiff, Grizzley is made of an exclusive batik mohair designed to capture the bear's striking color.
$235.00 $260.00

Maple - 2016 Steiff Club Teddy Bear

Maple is the Steiff Club Teddy Bear new in 2016.
$575.00 $198.00

Little Boy Blue Teddy Bear

Little Boy Blue Bear is sewn from the finest quality alpaca and holds a tiny, handmade sheep puppet. New in 2016, he is a North America Exclusive.

Sunny The Springtime Rabbit - New in 2013 - L.E. 1500

A mohair limited edition rabbit from the Steiff series of pastel rabbits.

Kitty Cat - New in 2014

This pretty little kitty will be glad to sit and relax with you after a long day..

Silk Teddy Baby

A 12-inch teddy bear made of golden milled silk..

Butch The Cover Dog-Saturday Evening Post

First introduced by the Saturday Evening post in the 1940's, this black and white cocker spaniel surged to stardom..

Mini Paddington Teddy Bear

Paddington is 6.7 inches tall and made of the finest mohair.

Lost and Found Teddy Bear

This Steiff North American Exclusive stands almost 20 inches tall, is made of beige mohair and a LE of 750.

The Tin Man - Wizard of Oz

New in 2015 from Steiff's Wizard of Oz Series, The Tin Man is made of Grey Wool Felt and is a LE 1939.