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"Elmar" Plush Teddy Bear

Steiff Teddys come in so many styles, sizes, and colors -- it's hard to choose just one!

"Lischen" Plush Cow

This is a 6 inch soft plush cow from Steiff's "Best For Kids" Collection..

"Cosy" 2014 - Plush Teddy Bear

This is a super soft plush teddy bear with the year 2014 embroidered on its paw..

"Happy" Plush Teddy Bear

This is a super soft plush teddy bear with a weighted bottom...

Lotte - Neck Travel Pillow

This soft plush neck pillow is perfect for the little traveler..

Cosy - Plush Teddy Bear

This is a super soft plush teddy bear with the year 2015 embroidered on its paw..

Froggy - Cuddly Dangling Frog

Good for all ages, this adorable soft plush frog is easy to hug..

Sommer - 2013 Festival Teddy Bear

This is a limited edition teddy bear that is 10 inches tall...

Trampili Elephant

This soft plush elephant is good for all ages..

Mimmi Katze Red Tabby Plush Cat

This is a soft plush tabby cat good for ages 3 and up.

Bert 2014 Event Teddy Bear

Limited to the year 2014, this 8 inch teddy bear is made from a high quality silk plush..

Flo - 2012 Steiff Event Teddy Bear

Flo is the 2012 Steiff Event Club Bear and is made of silk plush and loosely jointed for a vintage look.

Chocolate Brown Classic Teddy Bear

He is 7 inches tall and made from a chocolate brown alpaca..
$575.00 $99.00

Winnie The Pooh Ornament

Everyone's favorite bear is back, as a 4 inch ornament gripping his pot of honey...

Diva Rabbit

She is made from white alpaca and stands at 4 inches tall..

Miniature Russet Mohair Teddy Bear

This soft mohair teddy bear is 4 inches tall

The Snowdog

Taken from the famous Raymond Briggs film, "The Snow Dog", this 6 inch mohair dog is sure to steal your heart...

Small Classic Teddy Bear Aubergine Tipped

At a little over 4 1/2 inches tall, this little bear will fit in the palm of your hand...

Great Dane Lord Replica

Of all the thousands of different dogs produced by Steiff over the past decades, the Great Dane "Lord" was made only once - in the period from 1932 through 1936.

Goodman The Soldier Ornament

This is a 5 inch teddy bear ornament dressed in a nutcracker soldier's outfit..

Little Floppies "Hoppy" Rabbit

This little bunny is ready for a new adventure...

Little Floppies "Lumpi" Golden Retriever

To know them is to love them, and this adorable puppy is waiting to be loved...

Winnipeg Ornament

Paying homage to the true story of a little bear called "Winnipeg", this 4-inch ornament looks good on any tree, any time of year...

Flora - 2013 Steiff Event Bear

This sweet faced little beauty is one of a kind, and sure to steal your heart..