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Joker Teddy Bear

"Come and play the game!" The handsome Joker Teddy bear welcomes high society holding a full set of aces.

"Sweetheart" Teddy Bear in Box

She's made of the cuddliest cream colored soft plush fur, and lightly filled for extra softness...

2014 British Collectors Bear "Jubilee"

This teddy bear is made from the finest blonde mohair and is 20 inches tall..

Piccy Starfish Keyring

Piccy Starfish Keyring by Steiff is made of red plush.

Flossie Clownfish Keyring

Made by Steiff, Keyring Flossie Clownfish is a 4 inch orange and white plush

Clippy Dolphin Keyring

Clippy Dolphin Keyring is made of blue plush and is machine washable in cold water.

Elephant Keyring

This elephant keyring is a soft gray plush and is 4 inches tall.

Parrot Keyring

This soft colorful plush parrot keyring is 4 inches tall

"Katze" Red Tabby Cat Keyring

This soft tabby cat keyring is 4 inches tall

Panda Bear Keyring

This soft panda bear keyring is 4 inches tall

Charleston Teddy Bear

This teddy bear by Steiff commemorates the 90th anniversary of the Charleston

Treff Dog - 1928 Replica

Steiff proudly introduces Treff an exact replica of the original 1928 dog.

Shelly Teddy Bear

New from Steiff, Shelly is made of white mohair and features a Swarovski shell pendant worn around her neck.

Lulac Dangling Rabbit

New from the 2013 Spring Collection, this little rabbit is sure to hop her way into your heart..

Llardo Violinist Teddy Bear

New in 2012 this bear is a result of a partnership between Steiff and Lladro, limited edition of 1000 pieces.
$575.00 $330.00

Frederick The Magician Chimpanzee

This playful primate is ready to dazzle you with his own brand of magic..

Teddy Bear Replica 1925 - Light Green

There's something admirable about a bear who...

Dolly Bear Centennial Replica 1913

Steiff's Centennial edition of an exact replica of Dolly is limited to 1000 world wide.

Bellamy Teddy Bear

New in 2013 from Steiff's Paradise Jungle Collection, this bear has a very unique mohair coat...

Christmas Teddy Bear

Christmas Teddy contains a music box which plays the Christmas classic, 'Winter Wonderland'.

Grizzley Teddy Bear

By Steiff, Grizzley is made of an exclusive batik mohair designed to capture the bear's striking color.
$235.00 $260.00

Holly Berry Teddy Bear

Introduced in the Fall of 2012,Holly Berry is the third in a series of Steiff Christmas bears.

Johnny and Jocko

These two best friends are living in paradise

"Berry" Teddy Bear with Swarovski Elements

This beautiful teddy bear is from the 2013-2014 North American series with a unique colored "button in ear"..