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Sandra with Closed Eyes - cries and talks

She has a weighted bottom and a soothing vanilla scent. All reborn babies from Nines d Onil are handcrafted with love.
Manufacturer part number: 9913

This newborn "Sandra" sleeps peacefully with closed eyes framed by hand applied eyelashes. She has hand painted details on her face and throughout her body. She comes dressed in a blue dress with a white lace edging  around the bottom, the sleeves, and the neckline. A matching bonnet tied with a white silk bow sits atop her head. White bloomers and blue mary jane shoes complete her outfit. A mechanism on her back can be turned on to hear realistic crying and the words "mama" and "papa". All Nines d Onil baby dolls are crafted lovingly by hand and have a soothing vanilla scent. "Sandra" is perfect for ages 3 and up and comes to you with her own designer box.