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Pin-A-Four Seasons-One Doll, 4 Outfits -Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

This 20 inch toddler by Adora comes dress in a white cotton dress and has 4 pinafores, each one representative of a season.
Manufacturer: Adora

 Presto Change Oh! Be it spring, summer, fall or winter, a doll for all seasons is a dream come true. Each seasonal style pinafore is a crisp, prim interchangeable costume made to match the time of the year. This 20 inch toddler doll has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.  She has a vinyl head and full vinyl arms and legs with a cloth body, just right for hugging.  She comes dressed in the Summer outfit.  This set includes one doll and the following 4 pinafores.                                                      

Spring -  She is about to step into play with a crispy white ruffled underdress topped with a soft lavender-pink striped pinafore. It is embellished with eye-catching blue and yellow satin bow-tipped embroidered tulips and a perky appliqued bunny.  Summer: Sailor themed light blue pinstriped pinafore with an appliqued sailboat of navy blue, sailor's delight red and topped with a sunny yellow flag. Red & blue striped hairbows. Fall - Golden yellow pinafore of patterned polished cotton with contrasting brown and white polka-dot border, matching bow at waist with 3 snappy pumpkin appliques.  Winter - Red and white candy striped pinafore framed in white eyelet and tied on either side of her waist with neat red bows. At her waist is a spring of holly. Against the red pin-striped backdrop, a charming appliqued Christmas tree decorated in multi-colored lights, a glowing candle on top and two elegantly wrapped gifts underneath.


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