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Panda Fun Outfit

A hooded fleece vest with panda ears, pink and black ruffled corduroy skirt and a panda purse highlight this adorable outfit for a 18-20 inch baby doll.
Manufacturer: Adora

This adorable outfit consists of a pink corduroy ruffled skirt with black polkadots, a long-sleeved pink knit shirt, and a white fleece vest trimmed in black around the sleeves and the bottom and pink piping around the pockets.  The vest has a hood with panda ears.  Also included in this outfit are white leggings, pink and black polkadot hair bows and a fleece shoulder bag that has a panda face.  Made for the 20 inch Adora Toddler time dolls, it will fit most 18-20 inch baby dolls.

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