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Newborn Nursery - Babble Babies

Introduced by Madame Alexander, these babies were the hit of the 2014 New York Toy Fair.  They are the size and look of the Newborn Nursery baby dolls...with one important difference.  When you talk to them they will baby talk back to you.  They laugh, cry, gurgle, coo, cough, they are voice activated.  They sound like real babies!  They take 3 AA batteries which are included when you buy the doll.  The life-sized babies come in a white sleeper with the initials BB embroidered on the front.   The smaller dolls, called Little Sister are 13 inches tall and come in a onsie with a pink and white polkadot skirt.   All the babies  have an off switch (no 2 am wake up calls from these babies).

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Babble Baby Munchkin - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Your Babblebaby doesn't talk yet.... but it does have a language of its own!