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Happy Baby Girl - light Skin, Brown Hair, Green Eyes

This all soft vinyl is an adorable real girl made in Spain. She has Brown Hair, Green Eyes and a light skin tone. She can take a shower with you but putting in a bath is not recommended.
Manufacturer part number: 46128

Happy Baby Girl is a 17 inch all soft vinyl baby doll detailed by hand in Spain.  This a REAL girl and has dimples in her back, rolls of fat on her arms and the cutest button nose, and she has a sweet fragrance. 

Her eyes are green, and her hair is brown with a light skin tone.   She will arrive to you wearing a diaper and a two piece flowered onsie  with a cap.  A bibb which spells out Love is worn over her onsie.  She also comes with a blank birth certificate for you to fill out.  She can take a shower but immersing in water is not recommended.