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"Ladybug" Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls

The little six-inch doll is as sweet and delightful as one would expect from Dianna Effner.
Manufacturer part number: P17NADD05

Just the cutest!  Nancy Ann is all dressed up—as a Lady Bug wearing a black one piece jumpsuit which makes the perfect base for her faux suede wings!  The wings are hand beaded with jet beads and have ribbon flower trim. Nancy Ann wears black shoes and of course she has black “antennas” made of jet beads and paper roses! Nancy Ann is made of the finest bisque porcelain with hand painted features and a light blonde mohair wig. And, did you know, this little cutie is a sculpt from world renowned artist Dianna Effner, she captures the essence of old-world charm doesn’t she with those chubby little cheeks and rich dark eyes and of course that pouty lip! Nancy Ann dolls come with a gold foil wrist tag and perfect fit doll stand. First, some history. The Nancy Ann Storybook Doll company was incorporated in early 1938. Its owner was Nancy Ann Abbot, an actress and dress designer. She started making dolls to supplement her income during the depression. However, her doll sales began to take on a life of their own and began doing very well during the forties and by the fifties, it’s been reported that her company was making nearly 12,000 dolls a day! Unfortunately, Nancy Ann was diagnosed with cancer in the late fifties and she passed in 1964. The loss of a founder is always a blow to business as it was with Nancy Ann Storybook dolls. In the sixties, the company was purchased by Albert Bourla and the doll production was taken to China. The sisters Claudette Buehler and Darlene Budd, Nancy Ann fans, contacted Mr. Bourla and purchased the company in 2003. They started with a new sculpt from the immensely talented Dianna Effner. The little six-inch doll is as sweet and delightful as one would expect from Dianna. In addition to the wonderful sculpt, the sisters hired the talented costume designer, Londie Phillips. The result was a lovely little collectible made of porcelain dressed in the finest tiny storybook fashion. Without going into too much detail, Robert Tonner (through Phyn & Aero) will continue with the little doll that Dianna sculpted as well as new interpretations of Nancy Ann Storybook deluxe Style dolls. And he can’t wait!