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Greek Prinkipissa

This 8 inch Wendy represents Greece. She has an articulated poseable body. She comes dressed in a beautiful white gown trimmed in gold and has long flowing curls.
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander
Manufacturer part number: 75130

This lovely 8” collectible doll is a beautiful princess from Greece.  Part of Madame Alexander’s International Princess line, allowing collectors to explore the world through doll collecting.

She wears an elegant white pleated goddess dress with gold trim.  Her accessories include a golden headband, nude tights, and gold slip on shoes.

This Greek Princess has an articulated, posable body, and her hair is arranged in in flowing waves.

 She has the classic Wendy collectible doll sculpt from Madame Alexander and arrives in theclassic blue and pink box with pink tissue.

Appropriate for ages 14 and up.