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Froggy Fun Girl - Red Hair Blue Eyes

Froggy Fun Girl is a 20 inch toddler made by Adora Dolls. She has red hair, green eyes and a frog-themed outfit.
Manufacturer: Adora

From Adora Dolls, Froggy Fun Girl is wearing a multi-color green striped long-sleeved shirt with a matching green jumper, and she is carrying a frog appliqué purse. Her collar has embroidered frogs on each side and her green sandals are hand crafted with matching frog detail. She has on striped leggings matching her shirt. This green-eyed 20 inch toddler has red hair pulled into pony tails and held in place with matching green bows.  She has vinyl arms, legs and head.  Her body is made of cloth, just right for hugging!

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