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Dino Toddler - Light blond Hair, Blue Eyes

This realistic baby doll is 20” from head to toe and will just melt your heart. He is BPA free, weighted to feel just like a real baby and has a fresh baby powder scent.
Manufacturer: Adora
Manufacturer part number: 22099

Raawr! Adora ToddlerTime Doll Dino Boy is an ultimate cutie! Get ready to be charmed as he sports his RAWR-some ensemble of jersey knit striped sweatshirt embroidered with a cute yellow Dino applique, a matching gray knit pants with Dino print knee patches, and a pair of yellow sneakers. This 20 inch toddler boy doll arrives with a yellow jersey knit beanie to make him warm & cozy, matching his light blond hair that brings out the color of his beautiful blue eyes!

This realisitc boy doll has a light skin tone with 3/4 vinyl limbs crafted from our premium quality CuddleMe™ vinyl which gives him a fresh baby powder scent. He also wears a traditional diaper for an even more realistic play with your little ones! Perfect for ages 6 and up.