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Deluxe Baby Munchkin in Fleece Ouitfit

This Newborn Nursery baby comes with her white pajamas and cap, and is dressed in a 2 piece blue fleece outfit with a lion on the front. We have a limited supply of this deluxe set, once they are gone, there will be no more.
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander
Manufacturer part number: 00932

This is Munchkin, the blonde haired, blue eyed Newborn Nursery Baby doll.  Here she is offered as a deluxe set...She is shown in a powder blue fleece 2 piece outfit that has an orange and yellow lion on the front, with matching socks (color and design may vary) and a blue bow in her hair.

Also included in this set are her white pajamas and cap.

This is a limited edition set and when they are gone, there will be no more.

Munchkin is designed to resemble a newborn baby, and when you pick her up, it's like you're holding a real baby.  Her head, hands, and feet are vinyl, her body and arms and legs are cloth.  

She measures about 19 inches and weighs about 3 pounds.