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Scarlett O Hara in Portiere Dress

This is an 8 inch traditionally articulated Wendy doll, wearing the famous Portiere Dress, also known as a "Curtain Dress"...
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander

Traditionally articulated, 8 inch Wendy doll is dressed as Scarlett from Gone With The Wind. She is lovely in the famous Portiere Dress, best known as the "Curtain Dress." This classic Scarlett doll has sparkling green eyes and shoulder length, dark brown hair styled in big sausage curls. Symbolizing her will to survive, Scarlett wears the dark green flock dress with straight long sleeves, a capelet on her left sleeve and a braided tasseled belt. Under her gown Scarlett wears a light green underskirt, white cotton lace pantaloons, a petticoat and over the knee socks. Her matching cap of dark green flock is adorned with feathers and a small gold cabochon. Black vinyl boots with black spats and buttons, along with small gold teardrop earrings, complete her iconic outfit. A new classic favorite for Gone With The Wind fans!