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"Berry" Teddy Bear with Swarovski Elements

This beautiful teddy bear is from the 2013-2014 North American series with a unique colored "button in ear"..
Manufacturer: Steiff

Steiff collectors truly adore bears adorned with Swarovski Elements . Years after it's inception, this endearing North American series is as popular as ever. From 2013-2014 we are pleased to share "Berry" the latest edition to the set. This 12-inch beauty is sewn from the finest snow white alpaca and features bright white paw pads. She has black safety eyes and is 5-way jointed with a growler. A faceted ruby red necklace made with Swarovski Elements, accented with tiny, silver glittering stars is tied around her neck with a white satin ribbon. What really sets "Berry" apart is the deep red Xillion crystal studded in her ear, it is the first time a colored stone has been used as the "button in ear" in the entire series! "Berry" is a limited edition of 1500 .