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Little Sweetheart - Brown Hair, Blue Eyes

One of Lee Middleton's Newborn Nursery Babies.
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander

This delightful baby is called "Little Sweetheart" and can be either a boy or a girl. This baby is surprisingly lifelike with a light skin tone, brown hair, and blue eyes. This baby is also a thumb sucker and can either suck it's thumb or take a pacifier. The contented expression shows just how much baby is loved and is being well taken care of. Newborn Nursery babies are designed to look and feel like real babies, and at 19 inches long and 3.5 pounds, this baby is realistically newborn sized. "Little Sweetheart" comes to you wearing a white one-piece romper with pink, lavender, and blue accents and the Newborn Nursery Logo on the front. A matching cap, identification bracelet, and bible are also included. The newborn babies have vinyl heads, hands and feet and cloth bodies, which makes them so charmingly huggable.

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