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Les Minis "Calin Gracieux" - African American baby with blue and white outfit

These babies have beanbag bodies and vinyl arms and legs, and are perfect for a day at the park, or in the water!

Realistic details, soft huggable bodies, and high quality materials are just one of the reasons to have a Corolle baby doll. This mini baby doll from Corolle's "Les Mini's" Collection, is no exception. "Calin Gracieux"  is a 8-inch African American baby doll with a closed mouth, brown eyes, and the signature vanilla scent. This baby is dressed in a one piece outfit with blue and white stripes. These babies have bean bag bodies with vinyl arms and legs, and hand painted details on their face. "Les Mini's" babies are great fun for your little one, whether in the water, or at the park! These babies are perfect for 18 months and up.