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Raggedy Ann - 16 inches

The 16 inch classic Raggedy Ann doll is by Aurora Gift Co. who holds the license.
Manufacturer part number: 15412


This is the 16 inch Raggedy Ann doll from the Aurora doll company, who now holds the license for the Raggedies. She has the classic looped red yarn hair, stitched facial features, including the classic red triangle nose, plastic button eyes, stitched eyebrows, eyelashes, and mouth. And yes, she has the embroidered red heart on her chest with the words "I Love You" inside it. She is wearing the traditional style dress which consists of a white pinafore apron, with Raggedy Ann stitched in cursive on the front of it, a blue dress with a red flower print. White bloomers, the classic red and white striped legs, and black shoes complete this huggable ensemble.