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Colonial Christmas

This 8 inch classic Wendy is stunning in her lovely Christmas gown..
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander

This 8 inch classic Wendy is a stunning fully articulated vinyl doll. She has green eyes and a curly brunette ponytail tied with a red and green ribbon. Wendy wears a lovely full-length, full skirted 18th century gown of burgundy, green and gold brocade that's lined in green taffeta. Delicate white lace frames her neckline and accents her sleeves. Burgundy and gold braid run down the sides of Wendy's Colonial-style dress. Over-the-knee white stockings and white taffeta lace trimmed step-ins are on her feet. For the perfect finishing Holiday touch, Wendy comes with a cranberry wreath decorated with gold jingle bells and ribbon. Suitable for ages 14 and up.