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Super Grover Beanbag

Everyone's favorite furry little monster is back dressed in his superhero garb...
Manufacturer part number: 075375

Everyone's favorite furry little monster is back, this time, as "Super Grover!" This is a 7-inch bean bag toy made of blue soft velour plush. He is filled with plastic pellet beans in his stomach and bottom to help him sit up unassisted. He has plastic safety eyes, and a soft pink nose. "Super Grover" is dressed in his classic hero garb, which consists of a pink silk cape that is attached to his wrists with pink elastic and tied around his neck with a yellow string tie. Atop his head, he is wearing his special silver helmet , and the letter "G" is embroidered on a yellow lightning bolt on his chest. Super Grover is Grover as a superhero, one of his many jobs on Sesame Street. His true identity in these sketches is Grover Kent (referencing Clark Kent), a doorknob salesman in Metro City. Super Grover uses his superpowers to help others, though generally he ends up not being much help at all, while they end up solving the problem themselves.