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"Cookie" Swarovski Teddy Bear

This 10 inch teddy bear has a xillion stone in one ear and a gingerbread man Swarovski ornament hangs around his neck..
Manufacturer: Steiff

Steiff Cookie Teddy Bear is made from a blend of luxurious mohair and alpaca in a warm russet colour and he has a white tummy and pale beige felt paw pads. Big two tone eyes and hand embroidered mouth and nose together with careful airbrushing give him a face full of character. Being fully jointed enables you to pose him in different ways and around his neck is a bright red bow from which hangs Cookie's ornament - a Gingerbread Man with Swarovski Crystals. To match in one of his ears he has a xillion stone which sparkles just as brightly. This teddy bear was made exclusively for the USA and so we are delighted to have obtained a small quantity for our loyal customers. Limited edition of just 1,500 pieces.He is surface washable with the white tag "Button in Ear".