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Lady Rhinestone

New in 2017, this 10-inch Cissette doll comes from the "Mystery Dolls" line, which won an award for the coveted Fashion Academy Gold Medal" .
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander

Known only as 'The Mystery Dolls,' Madame Alexander created six extraordinary dolls in 1951. Having never appeared in the Alexander catalogs, very little is known of these beautiful ladies. How many were made? Who were they inspired by? We may never know. What we do know is that Madame Alexander won a coveted 'Fashion Academy Gold Medal' for the originals. This 10 inch Lady Rhinestone is a striking doll. Made of vinyl, she is a fully-articulated Cissette with jointing at her knees and elbows. Lady Rhinestone wears a sophisticated gown of black lace along with a nude color underskirt and matching pumps. A lace headband, choker and bracelets are the perfect accessories. For the finishing touch, she's applied a tiny rhinestone to her cheek so there's no mistaking just how posh this lady is. She is perfect for ages 14 and up.