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My Cuddle and Coo Baby - "Sweet Dreams" - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes - 5 Touch Activated Features

This interactive baby doll will provide hours of fun for your little one with 5 touch activated features.
Manufacturer: Adora
Manufacturer part number: 21980

Sure to bring love, joy, and giggles to any new parent in training, My Cuddle and Coo Baby uses 5 touch activated features provide realistic sounds, interactive responses and reactions that children spend hours interacting and nurturing their baby doll. "Sweet Dreams" is 15 inches tall with a cuddly bean weighted body. She has blonde curly hair pulled into pigtails and bangs, and blue sleep eyes. She is also scented with Adora's signature baby powder scent your little ones have come to know and love. 5 Touch Activated Features include: squeeze her hand and she cries, A pat on her head and a cuddle will make her coo, Tickle her and she giggles, kiss her and she will kiss you back, and a pat on the head and she will say "Momma"! She is dressed in baby blue cotton pants and a pink blouse with an ice cream applique.  She is perfect for ages 3 and up.