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Adora ROOT BEAR FLOAT-Free USA Shipping

This 20 inch baby doll has a fresh powder scent and is new in 2023
Manufacturer: Adora
Manufacturer part number: 23018


She's dressed in brown linen overalls, a lettuce-edge cream shirt partnered with a brown bear purse, brown faux-leather fringe slip-on shoes, a matching brown doll hair bow, and a diaper.

Her brown eyes are outlined by lifelike, hand-applied eyelashes, plus her mouth is slightly opened. She has a hand-painted face, brown doll hair, and a light skin tone, and her bean-bag weighted body gives her that cuddly, lifelike feel.


Adora Toddler Time Doll  is a 20-inch doll with a moveable head and moveable vinyl limbs crafted from high-quality baby powder scented CuddleMe™ vinyl which is gentle & feels more like a real baby, making this ADORAble lifelike doll fun for all ages.