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Adoption Baby - "Joy"

This precious baby is 16 inches long with a cloth body and a vinyl head, arms and legs. Perfect for the little one in your life to adopt and bring home today!
Manufacturer: Adora

Your little one will build a special bond with their Adoption Baby as they experience what it’s like to bring a baby home. Little parents in training can name their baby and start their very own baby doll family while learning to nurture and engage in pretend play.  Meet "Joy", a beautiful adoption baby doll from Adora. She is 16 inches long, with a cloth body and fresh baby powder scented vinyl head, arms, and legs. She has a dark skin tone with brown open close eyes. with a certificate of adoption, pacifier, hospital bracelet, disposable diaper and is swaddled in a cuddly soft microfiber blanket. "Joy" is one of four beautiful adoption babies to choose from and is perfect for ages 3 and up.